Book Reviews: Rhoads Revealed!

Rhoads Revealed!

By Steve Rosen and Andrew Klein

Published by: Velocity Publishing Group Inc

ISBN: 978-1-4507-2721-1

Price: $99

Available only from

In last week we brought you a Past Master special feature on the tragically short but hugely influential career of the great Randy Rhoads. Despite being just 26 when he died, Rhoads had already assured himself a place in guitar history, not least due to his amazing work with Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard Of Ozz-era band.

We celebrated Randy’s brief life with a long lost interview from Gi regular, John Stix, but now comes an entire book from another Gi contributor, US journalist Steven Rosen, working with fellow writer Andrew Klein – and what a book!

Simply called Randy Rhoads, this is a giant format, 400 page, full colour tribute to the late guitarist. It covers Randy’s life and career in minute detail and is packed with photographs – many barely, if ever, published before – alongside reminiscences from musicians who played with Randy, journalists who interviewed him, photographers who depicted his rapid rise to the top and, of course, plenty of information on Rhoads’ guitars and equipment, including a contribution from Grover Jackson, who built many of Randy’s most memorable guitars.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd: The Blues in Great Hands

There have been books about Randy Rhoads before but nothing even approaching this level of comprehensiveness. Packed with memories, pictures and love, it’s hard to see how this book can ever be surpassed as a tribute.

The downside? Books this size (and it’s a monster) don’t come cheap. Fortunately, we have two copies to give away in our amazing free entry competition!

WIN a copy of ‘Randy Rhoads’

By Steven Rosen and Andrew Klein!

We have two copies of this fabulous, giant 400 page, full colour, coffee table book about the great Randy Rhoads to give away in this issue!

All you have to do is answer the following two questions, then email your answers ( e.g. Q1 – A) marked ‘Randy Rhoads Book’ along with your name, email address and daytime phone number to Make sure we receive your entry no later than 20th December 2012. The same rules apply as for this issue’s Wampler pedals competition, so we’re not going to waste space by repeating them.

All you really need to know is that you must be a subscriber to enter: it’s easy and it’s free!

OK… here are the questions.

Q1. Randy’s debut recording was with which band?

A]         Def Leppard

B]         Quiet Riot

C]         Alice Cooper band

Q2. The masterpiece Rhoads solo on Flying High Again appears on which album?

A]         Diary of a Madman

B]         Blizzard of Ozz

Remember – entries to marked ‘Randy Rhoads Book’ must reach us by no later than 31st December 2016. Good luck!

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